7 Day Fast–beginning January 3rd, 2016

“A Walk with Jesus from Matthew through Revelation”–Observations for Over-comers in 2016!

2016 Prayer and Fasting

This year’s theme is simple: Invite Jesus to walk with you through each day of the coming year. Begin each day or set a time each day to read His Word and expect Him to open the Word to you. Pray that your heart would burn within with love and passion for His will and purpose. We want His presence and ministry in our daily reading  and with us as we go out to minister in our homes, schools, businesses and community.   We want to live as over-comers of the temptations of the world, flesh, and the devil!  

During this time of corporate fasting, decide what you want to deny your flesh so that you can grow closer to the Lord and better understand His Word and plan for your life. Fasting normally involves food. In Daniel 10, we have a record of Daniel’s 21 day fast. He chose not to eat any rich food, meat, or wine and not to put any oil on his body for three full weeks. This was not a total fast of food, but a partial fast. His purpose was to have a deeper understanding of a message and vision from the Lord.   He wanted to be ready for what God would do next and be able to speak prophetically to his generation.  God met him and  He will do the same for us!

When you fast, Jesus taught that we should not draw attention to ourselves. (Matthew 6:16-18) We are humbling ourselves before the Lord. Drink plenty of liquids and check with your doctor if you have medical conditions that would hinder your ability to fast. If you would like to give up other things such as your cell phone, internet, newspapers, or television, this would also be helpful. Be sure and fill the time with wholesome activities that will help your spiritual progress.

Key Scriptures: Daniel 10:1-21, Isaiah 58, Matthew 4:1-11, 6:16-18, 1st John 4:4, 5:1-5

Pastor’s Goals for 2016

1. Each person who can read would read through the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation. A reading schedule for each week is simply one chapter each day for five days out of each week. 

2. Each person or family develop a personal or family  time of prayer at least once a week in each home centered on this journey through Scripture. 

3. Jesus walking with us through this year, opening the Word to us and causing our hearts to burn for Him and filling us with His Holy Spirit so that we might live in over-coming power over temptation and Satan’s schemes.

4. We pray for a tangible presence of the Lord in each corporate service and small group in the church you regularly attend.

5.  Healthy families and relationships with unity in the home and church and no divorce or separations in 2016.

6.  Each person sharing their faith with direction from the Holy Spirit with family members and those God puts in our path.  Intentional evangelism in obedience to the call of our Lord as in Matthew 28:18-20 or Mark 16:15-20.  

Daily devotions will be provided on this theme for the entire year, the Lord willing, for each person or family that desires to trek through the New Testament in 2016