Each year, I seek the Lord for a key topic and a passage of Scripture that will help me and our church family to grow spiritually.  This past year we focused on “Nothing is too hard for God” and emphasized faith as a way to overcome difficulties and to please the Lord.  The key Scriptures were Jeremiah 32:17 and Mark 9:23.

As I prayed about 2009,  I was directed to a passage of Scripture from Luke 24:11-35 that told about two disciples who were discouraged walking away from Jerusalem towards the village of Emmaus.   Jesus joined these disciples and began to walk with them and asked them what they were talking about.  They shared their thoughts with Him, but did not recognize who was walking with them.  He then opened the Scriptures and show them how the events of the past few days were part of God’s predetermined plan.  When they arrived at their destination, they invited this stranger to stay with them and eat.  As He broke the bread, their eyes were opened and they recognized him.  He then suddenly disappeared from their sight.  They were excited and they shared with each other how their hearts burned when Jesus shared with them!  They headed back to Jerusalem to share with the disciples!

I have a vision from this passage of Jesus walking with us in 2009!  We are sometimes discouraged at the events that occur in our world and even the Church!  When we want to walk away, Jesus joins with us but sometimes is not recognizable to us.  He converses with us and tries to draw us out and get us to define our doubts and fears.  He then takes the Word of God and opens up revelation concerning His plans and person.  If we invite him to stay with us, He will reveal himself to us as we commune with Him!  The result is a personal and community revival as our hearts burn with love from Jesus and love for those He desires to reach and save! 

This site is a result of discussions with my son, Steve, who works in the web design field and loves the Lord.  Steve put together the technical expertise to make it work!  What a blessing! This idea came from another fellow-minister and brother in our congregation, Mike, who has a passion for young adults and reaching them with the Gospel.  He was talking with me about doing something monthly right before Christmas.  I felt led to do something each day that I could share with whoever might want to join in.  You are invited to join us as we trek with Jesus through His Word from Genesis to Revelation. 

On January 4th, Good Shepherd Church in Owensboro will read the entire Bible corporately during the Sunday Bible Fellowship in the Sancturary.  I will begin preaching from the Book of Genesis.  That day we will begin a 21 day fast where we deny our bodies food and focus on building a Biblical worldview from Genesis.  Devotions for each day are available if you will sign up for our newsletter.  We will then preach messages that speak of Jesus Christ and His plans and heart each week from different books of the Bible’   I believe that Jesus will open the Scriptures to us and cause our hearts to burn with love for Him and our fellow travellers on this grand journey!  God bless you~ Pastor John