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Resurrection Celebration!

Scripture reading for January 6th:

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this first Sunday morning of 2013!  What a joy to begin the year with worship with a community of believers as we start our journey in a new year with new opportunities and challenges! May you find a place to worship today and go with hunger and expectancy that God will speak to you!

Just a note about our readings for today, Psalm 2 is tied with Psalm 110 for the most-quoted Psalm in the New Testament writings. We in America seem to pay little attention to this Psalm and like Psalm 23 and 91 for obvious reasons.   This psalm speaks of a spiritual battle that rages even today.  This battle concerns the nations and peoples who are opposed to the rule of God and His Son Jesus Christ and God’s plans that are established forever in heaven.  God has installed His King while the nations and rulers are gathering together to rebel and break  what they consider to be God’s “chains” and “fetters”.  God is laughing in derision at their feeble attempts to get rid of His loving rule and His divine law that they consider a “chain”.

This psalm is a prophetic announcement of Jesus Christ, God’s Son and God’s plans for bringing all nations under His rule!  It is a prophetic warning against rejecting the Son and the consequences that follow!  We would do well to read it carefully and receive the encouragement and warnings.  God bless you!

In His Love,  Pastor John

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