From time to time, I will also share unique resources or sources other than books that might be of help on our trek through Scripture.  It might be a DVD, another web site, or a place to visit that was a blessing to me.  It will be something that I personally have seen, done or visited and that I feel is worth the time to watch or see.

One resource that comes to mind immediately when I think of studying Genesis and creation is a teaching DVD that I viewed several months ago.  A member of our church family gave me this video and asked me to watch it.  I was so impressed and blessed by the teaching of Louis Giglio on the DVD “How Great is our God” that I scheduled a time to show it to the church on a Sunday evening.  We had orders for nearly 50 DVD’s from this showing.

I have also shown this to the men and women I minister to in the county correction facility.  They were touched by the message of God’s greatness as viewed through creation.  This DVD would be a blessing to those who might love science but are not believers themselves.  It would offer an opportunity to discuss creation and intelligent design from a scientific viewpoint.  It will help you to understand God’s care and design in creation that points to Jesus Christ.  Our church family was blessed and I can recommend this as a great resource to help your world view develop in line with Biblical truth.  As a convenience to readers, this resource is available through the icon linking you to on the sidebar of each page of this site.  In His Love, Pastor John