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The breath of Life!

Scripture reading for January 1st: Genesis 1-2

Prayer for this year’s journey:

Dear Father in heaven,

Thank You for Your love and the breath of life in me.  I believe that Jesus Christ, my Savior, will come back soon.  I want to be ready and  be doing Your will when He arrives.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and empower me to know You and hear your voice.  Teach me how to love others and walk in Your supernatural power and grace. Give me discernment and protection from the forces of Satan that would hinder me.  May I glorify You with every breath!  In Jesus Name, Amen!

How did life begin?  Where does life come from?  What is the significance of a human life?  These are questions that men have pondered over the centuries.  Without God’s help, these questions end up with man’s speculation or best guess based on the historical record, careful observation, and idealogical posturing.  With God’s help, we begin to have some real understanding and sound answers that help us to navigate through life successfully. As we begin another year and another decade, we again open God’s word to read through it and ponder the thoughts of God.

“In the beginning God” is how the Bible opens. (Genesis 1:1)  God is the beginning of everything!  He is the source of all life!  He began all life from His own infinite life!  He is the “Living God” who is alive forever more!  (Revelation 1:18)

The Spirit of God is associated with wind or breath. We see the Spirit of God hovering over the surface of the waters of the newly formed earth.  (Genesis 1:2)  The next verse tells of God speaking, “Let there be light!”  Words are formed by breath moving over vocal chords and lips and tongue.  God’s word from His mouth released tremendous creative power and light sprang forth!  Stars and galaxies came from the breath of His mouth!  (Psalm 33:6)

After creating the earth and heavens and all they contain, God turned His creative breath towards making a being in His own image and likeness.  A man was formed by God from the dust of the earth with the purpose of ruling and tending the earth.  God then breathed into the man the “breath of life” and he became an eternally living being.  Man’s first contact with God was face to Face, mouth to Mouth!  Lord breathe on me!

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