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Worldview clash–Atheists sue!


Our atheist friends, Michael Newdow and company, are now suing to have “So help me God” taken out of the inaugural oath that President-elect Obama will use when sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts.  They want all references to God stricken from everything done that day and at any time by our government.  This was added to the oath of office by George Washington, our first President, when he was sworn in.  It is interesting how worldviews are clashing at every turn in our land today.   Everything that we as Christians hold dear is being assaulted by vocal voices that are willing to sue and fight to see their agenda moved forward. 

Jesus warned us that in the world we would have trouble.  They persecuted Him, and the disciples are not above their master!  We must prepare each day for opposition!  The “Lord’s Prayer”, or more accurately, the “Disciple’s Prayer” asks to “deliver us from the evil one”.  (Matthew 6:9-13)  We will and do face evil in this world.  God has promised to keep us safe but has told us to resist the Devil and shun evil.  Christians must take a stand and not blend into the culture. Please pray for our nation and for those who are so blinded by the lies of Satan that they can’t see the God who made them and has blessed us with this great nation and faith in God. 

I received one of those “pass it on” emails the other day.  The gist of it was that the United States Government had made an official “Atheist’s Day” as a national holiday:  April 1st!  The fool says in his heart, “There is no God”.  Psalms 14:1

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