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Sunday rest and reflection–patience

As I reflect on Joshua and think about what he faced in his lifetime, I am reminded of my need for patience and courage.  It is hard to live patiently when you know what the Lord has said and no one around you is walking in faith.  Joshua kept quiet and had a positive outlook when almost everyone was grumbling and complaining. He lived faithfully and held his tongue and temper.

Joshua had to wait 40 years to enter his inheritance. As one of the twelve spies, he saw the land first-hand and understood from God’s Word that it belonged to them.  He believed that God would help them with the walled cities and the giants.  He had a good attitude and a good confession.  He tore his clothes and pleaded with the people when they rebelled at Kadesh. (Numbers 14:5-9) He faithfully served Moses for the 40 years as he walked with those who were destined to die in the wilderness,  He was chosen by God to lead Israel after Moses’s departure.  The Bible tells us that the first requirement of a steward is that they be found faithful!  (1st Corinthians 4:2)  Joshua was faithful and patient to wait until God’s time came for him to enter and possess his inheritance.

As you take time to rest and pray today, thank God for His faithfulness in sending His son Jesus Christ, our Joshua!    Jesus keeps a good attitude, even when we whine and complain.  He walks with us faithfully, even when we don’t recognize Him present.  He kept God’s Word perfectly and is the only one who can take us into the “promised land’!  He took the lowest place of a servant and God exalted Him to the highest place of authority.  What courage and strength it took for Him to save us!  Are you letting patience have it’s perfect work in your life today?  Have a great day of rest and refreshing!  Remember to gather with others of faith and worship the Lord!  God bless you!  Pastor John

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