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Sunday rest and reflection!

March 16th, 2014

Dear Friends,

I pray that you have been blessed this week by the story of Ruth!  It is set in the time of the Judges, and offers hope to all who have ears to hear!

We are so blessed to have a “close relative” in our Lord Jesus Christ!  He was ready and able to pay the price to buy us back from slavery to sin and death!  He placed His covering of blood over us and took us into His household!  He poured abundance of provision into our laps and caused us to sing for joy at God’s grace!  His shoes were removed as He bargained for us outside the city gates on the Cross of Calvary!  The price of redemption was paid in full!

Let’s join together with God’s people and celebrate His redemption!  Christians gather the first day of each week to worship, pray and read His Word!  We gather to encourage each other to love and good deeds, awaiting the coming of our heavenly Bridegroom!  What a joy it will be when we are joined forever in His presence!

In His Love,   Pastor John

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At the Feet of a Kinsman-Redeemer

Scripture reading for March 16th: Ruth 1-4

The story of Ruth is set in the time of the Judges when every man was doing what was right in their own eyes.  Naomi had left Israel in search of food during a famine. She and her husband along with their two sons went to Moab in search of a better life but they found a hard time instead.  Naomi’s sons married Moabite women, one of whom was named Ruth and the other, Orpah.  Over a period of ten years, Naomi’s husband died and then both of the sons also passed away.  Ruth was heart-broken and decided to return to her homeland.  She urged her daughters-in-law to return to their families but Ruth clung to her.  (Ruth 1:3-14)

Ruth evidently recognized something in Naomi’s life that she wanted.  She was willing to leave her country and family and go to the land of Israel.  She even wanted to adopt a relationship with Naomi’s God!  “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.  Your people will be my people and your God will be my God.  Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried.” (Ruth 1:16-17)

As they returned to Israel, the barley harvest was in full swing.  Women who were poor could go into the fields and glean in order to have food.  Ruth was willing to work and did so.  God’s providence placed her in the field of Boaz, a close relative of Naomi.  He was a gracious and god-fearing man who noticed Ruth and was gracious to her.  He found out her story and blessed her extravagantly.

God’s people are supposed to treat aliens and foreigners with respect and generosity in order to draw them to a relationship with God.  Boaz was doing just that!  Naomi recognized God’s law at work and gave Ruth instructions to lay at Boaz’ feet.  This was a humble invitation to have this man take them in and provide for them.  Since Boaz was a close relative, he would have to make sure that a closer relative did not want to redeem Ruth and Naomi.  He settled the matter quickly and the love story ends happily.

A further insight shows that the child born to Ruth through Boaz is in the line of Jesus Christ!  What grace our Father shows towards His adopted children!

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