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Sunday Rest and Reflection:Egypt

Dear Friends,

Greetings on another day of rest in Jesus Christ!  What a blessing to know that He has delivered us from sin, slavery and death and given us righteousness, freedom, and life everlasting!   All of this is due to His grace and the obedience of  Jesus Christ to follow His Father’s plan to save lives!   We are included in these plans by His grace and by the drawing of the Holy Spirit.

In our reading this past week we saw God’s people being invited to stay in Egypt.  They were forced by a famine to seek out food there because God Himself had sent Joseph there with the express purpose of saving lives.  God used the world system of Pharaoh’s Egypt to store up grain to feed a multitude during the famine.  God controls the governments of the world and uses the leaders to fulfill His purposes!

Egypt is a type of the world without a true knowledge of God.  It is a system of humanistic government, business and religious idolatry.  It is a system based on power, wealth, and man’s inner need to worship. Without God, humanity values what can only satisfy the flesh.  Idols come in as a means to satisfy the inner need to worship.  Idols are a form of god crafted by man to try to fill this desire to worship.  By making an idol, man can design a convenient god that allows him to do whatever he wants and at the same time controls others or even shuts them out.  In the end, this system of Egypt is pure slavery, results in what God calls “sin”, and ends in death.

All men must be born again to escape the power of this system.  God must deliver them and help them to choose to worship Him alone!  People must be willing to escape this system and enter the freedom of knowing the one True God!  God places His people in this system to show a way of escape to those who are trapped by the system!  The blessing of God on our lives should be so evident that the lost ask us for help!

May your life be marked by willing submission to our loving King, Jesus Christ!  May His provision make you smile with joy every day!  May every trace of Egypt be removed from your soul!

In His Love, Pastor John

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