Reflections on 2023!

Dear friends and fellow travelers on the journey to Father’s House,

This year has been challenging yet rewarding. It has yielded its fruitfulness through trials, celebrations, new life, and worship of a Father that showers us with love and mercy. It has been a year where God’s presence has brought strength and His joy has filled us with strength. We praise and thank God for His daily presence and faithfulness to His Word.

We have rejoiced in seeing all our grandchildren fulfilling God’s plans for their lives. Meghan, our oldest grand daughter, is married to Ronald and they are doing well in Omaha. Cassidy lives in Topeka and and will be serving in the state government. Caleb is doing well as a senior and active in football, basketball, and golf as well as excelling in his studies. Ellia is at Kansas University as a full time student in computer engineering as well as working a full-time job in that field. Natalie graduated from U of Louisville in Asian studies and is soon heading Tiawan to serve there. Micah is doing well at The University of Louisville in engineering. Joy is graduating high school and has a servant’s heart. Joshua loves life, school, and robots. Our newest grand daughter, Amaya, is 8 months old and crawling and standing.

We are thankful for our sons and daughters and their spouses and their faithfulness to follow our Lord. We are also thankful for Faith Family Life Center and believers there who pray for us and encourage us. I also enjoy serving with the men and women on the Jefferson County Fire Department and first responders. They voluntarily give of their time to help others who are hurting and in need. We love our many friends and fellow-pilgrims that journey with us and encourage us.

Our nation and world need a Savior! The anguish of war, violence, and hatred has drawn us to cry out to Jesus for His mercy and the salvation of those still blinded by Satan. We pray the final prayer of the Church in Revelation: “Come!” May this be our prayer and hope as we end 2023 and journey onward to Father’s House in 2024! May the joy of our Lord be our strength each day! (Nehemiah 8:10)

In His Love, John and Mary

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