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Fire in the Pot!

Scripture reading for March 11th: Judges 6-8

God loves to use underdogs to accomplish great victories.  He likes to win when the odds are stacked up totally against His people.  One of the reasons for that is stated in the Book of Judges.  God told Gideon that he had too many men to go out and fight the Midianites.  If he won the victory, the army would begin to take credit for it themselves and swell with pride.  (Judges 7:2)  This pride would become their downfall.

Gideon, himself, was also a weak man.  In his own estimation, he was the least of the least of his tribe.  (Judges 6:15)  He was cowering in fear of the Midianites as he threshed out some wheat to feed his family when approached by the Angel of the Lord.  This angelic visitor greeted him with “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”   God is a God of encouragement and He is able to see our true potential when we walk by faith!

After a series of reductions of Gideon’s forces, Gideon ended up with three hundred men who had lapped water like a dog.  ( Judges 7:6-7)  God promised that with these three hundred men he would deliver Midian into Gideon’s hands. Gideon divided these three hundred men into three companies and gave them trumpets, jars, and torches to place in the clay jars.  He led them himself, and told them to do exactly as he was going to do.  They were to encircle the Midianite camp and at the signal from Gideon they were to break the jars, wave the torches and shout: “For the Lord and for Gideon!”  This shout was an act of faith that would bring victory to this small company! (Judges 7:18)

We know the story and the happy ending.  As they shouted, the Midianites became confused and began killing each other.  The power of God brought victory to Gideon and his small band of shouting warriors with fire in their pots!  This story helps us to learn some simple lessons.  God can use very weak and simple people.  Numbers are not the most important thing in life, victory comes through God and obedience to His directions.  Our weapons that are most powerful are our tongues when employed in obedient faith and the light of God’s presence shining forth from us.  Take time today to ask God to use you!

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