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The Mighty Have Fallen

Scripture reading for March 30th: 2nd Samuel 11-14

King David was a wonderful man who loved God and fought many battles relying on Him.  However, at about 50 years of age, he decided to stay home from the battle and rest.  With time on his hands, his eyes found an enticing view of his neighbor’s wife.  This led to an adulterous encounter that brought an unwanted pregnancy.  To cover up the pregnancy, David had the woman’s husband, Uriah, brought home and encouraged him to go sleep with his wife.  The plan failed and David sent orders to have Uriah eliminated on the battlefield.  (2nd Samuel 11:1-17)   This man who walked closely with the Lord was now displeasing to God and caught in a web of sin.  What a tangled web we weave when we are not focused on the Lord and His work!

How did this mighty man end up in this terrible predicament?  The secular world might say today that David went through a “mid-life” crisis and lost his focus.  We who are believers know differently.  Decisions have consequences and we are responsible for our attitudes and our actions.  David made several key decisions that took him into this trap.  The first was to sit out instead of fight the Lord’s battles.  When we become passive and allow others to do what we should be doing, we open ourselves up for temptation.  We are designed by God for a purpose and placed in position to do God’s bidding.

Second, David must not have been reading God’s word as a king was supposed to do.  (Deuteronomy 17:14-20)  God’s word given through Moses specifically told of the time when Israel would have a king.  One of the temptations would be to take many wives.  This was to be avoided.  The king was to make a copy of God’s word on a scroll and read it all the days of his life so that he would revere God and do all that God had commanded.

The last observation was that David went after temptation instead of fleeing from it!  God always makes a way of escape and our first line of defense is our feet.  David did not resist and was overcome!  Decisions have consequences and David suffered rebellion and sexual sin in his own house and much sorrow as the result of these decisions!  Would that we would stay humble and learn!

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