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Sunday Rest and Reflection:The Outer Fringe of God

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Glorious Name of Jesus Christ!  The first day of the week was set aside by the early church to worship, because on that day Jesus Christ rose from the dead!  The most significant truth and proof that Jesus is the Son of God was his powerful resurrection.  That truth was verified by all the apostles and by over 500 who saw Him alive on one occasion.  The apostles were so impressed and sure of the resurrection that they preached it and most of them gave their lives rather than deny it!  Please gather with God’s people today and celebrate Jesus Christ as the resurrected Son of God!

As I reflect back on the reading for this past week, I am taken to Job’s reply to Bildad in Job 26.  Bildad had told Job that man was no more than a maggot or worm and God was so great and powerful that man meant nothing to Him.  Job responded with a description of God as the glorious creator of the universe and the one who hung the earth on nothing.  God is the creator and creation reveals a God of power and thoughtful care for that creation.  Reflecting on creation helps us know about God, but Job felt that what he learned from creation was “but the outer fringe of His works.”  (Job 26:14)  Creation was a “faint whisper” of God compared to all there was to know and understand.  Job longed for a deeper understanding.

Job likened the search for God as men searching the depths of the earth for gold or silver or other precious metals.  But God’s wisdom cannot be found by man in all his puny efforts.  It can’t be bought with anything on earth.  Job came to the conclusion that the fear of the Lord was wisdom and to shun evil was understanding!  (Job 28:28)  Faith has its foundation in the fear of the Lord.  A humble respect for the God of creation brings true wisdom.  From exploring the outer fringes of God through creation, God comes to Job (and us) with revelation and faith opens our inner eyes to see Him!  Our redeemer lives!  Resurrection life will be glorious!  Though He slay me yet will I trust Him!  He has become my salvation!

In His Love, Pastor John

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