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Mourning the Lord’s Anointed

Scripture reading for March 26th: 2nd Samuel 1-4

If someone who hated you and had tried to kill you was taken in death, would you rejoice and throw a party?  Would you be tempted to celebrate and judge that they had gotten their just desserts?  David was tested with the death of King Saul.

David was visited by an Amalekite who came with news of the deaths of Saul and Jonathan.  He came in mourning attire and brought to David Saul’s crown and armband.  David and his men tore their clothes and wept and fasted till evening in response to this news.  David began thinking about the Amalekite finishing off King Saul and called him out.  He had him executed for killing the Lord’s anointed! (2nd Samuel 1:8-16)

David had learned to respect the Lord’s authority structure.  Even if those in authority are wicked and under the influence of an evil spirit, they still are where they are in the position of authority because God has placed them there.  We would do well to learn this lesson quickly.  This Amalekite lost his life for what he thought was an act of mercy in putting Saul out of his misery after a mortal wound!

David then composed a lament for Saul and Jonathan, his close friend, and taught this it to the men of Judah.  The lament was a tribute to King Saul and his son.  “Saul and Jonathan–in life they were loved and gracious, and in death they were not parted.  They were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions.” 2nd Samuel 1:23  David makes no mention of the many times Saul tried to kill him and chased him mercilessly.  He refuses to touch the Lord’s anointed even in death!  What a tribute to this man’s heart of forgiveness and respect for God’s anointed!

As we look to this passage, we think about Jesus Christ, God’s anointed one!  Jesus died the death of a criminal for us, taking our sins in his body on the cross.  The religious leaders of Israel had no respect for their true King and ordered Him crucified.  They even asked that His blood be on them and their children! (Matthew 27:25) Their King prayed for their forgiveness even as He died!  Just think how many songs of remembrance have been composed about this King!

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