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Beware of self-appointed leaders

Scripture reading for March 11: Judges 9-12

Gideon was a man placed by God in a position of leadership.  Gideon interacted with God to be certain of what to do and how to do it.  He certainly was not perfect and made some glaring mistakes, but brought peace to the land for a period of time.  He had 71 sons and a large family.  When Gideon passed away, a leadership crisis arose.  The Israelites went back to idol worship and one of Gideon’s sons, Abimelech, sought to take over.

Abimelech was the son of a slave girl.  He had 70 brothers who were produced through his father by other mothers.  He went to his mother’s town of Shechem and schemed to take over leadership through violence and murder.  They paid him some money from an idol temple and he hired mercenary soldiers. He then killed 69 of his seventy brothers.  Only Jotham, the youngest, escaped.  Jotham spoke prophetically at Abimelech’s coronation ceremony pronouncing God’s judgment on Abimelech’s leadership and those who followed. He then ran away. (Judges 9:7-21)

After three years, Scriptures state that God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the citizens of Shechem.  God did this to avenge the shedding of innocent blood of the seventy brothers.  Abimelech and the citizens of Shechem had conspired to commit murder and now they would bring murder on themselves!  (Judges 9:22-24)  This evil spirit was God’s judgment on a self-appointed leader and those who joined with him in rebellion! It took three years for the Word of God to come true, but it did!

When someone tries to place themselves in leadership by his own power, craftiness, or manipulation, then the leader and those who scheme with him come under God’s judgment!  We must be vigilant today in our country.  Would be leaders in politics and media are often trying to manipulate people. In the workplace and even the church, people seek to appoint themselves.  Beware–God’s judgment will come on those who appoint themselves! Do you desire to be used in leadership? From these examples, what are some things you should do? What bad examples warn you?

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