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Wrestling with God’s justice!

Scripture reading for May 21st: Job 8-10

When you talk with unbelievers, one of their main accusations against God is the injustice that is in the world.  How can a loving God allow suffering of innocent people?  If God is all powerful, why does He allow evil to happen to good people?  If He is indeed just, does this mean that all suffering people suffer because God is punishing them?   These are not new questions, they were also discussed in the time of Job!

Job’s friend  Bildad the Shuhite told Job that his words claiming innocence were like a blustering wind!   He said when Job’s children sinned, God merely gave them their due!  (Job 8:2-4)  God gave people what they deserved and he pointed Job to past generations and what they had experienced.  (Job 8:8-9)  He encouraged Job to plead with God for mercy and told him that God could restore him if he were really pure and upright. (Job 8:5-6)

Job answered his friend with a question: ” How can any mortal  man be righteous before God?”  (Job 9:2)  Job understood the great gap between him and God.  He felt the need for a mediator, one who could arbitrate for him with this great God.  (Job 9:32-35)  Job spoke plainly to God about his need to understand what he had done wrong.  (Job 10:2)  He was not sure if he was guilty.  Even if he was innocent, Job was hurting so much that he felt shame!  (Job 10:15)

Suffering often forces us to ask the hard questions about our own life.  Job truly wanted to know if he was guilty of sin.  Job grappled with his mortality and God’s great power and knowledge.  He tried to understand the justice of God in a situation that felt unfair.  His friend Bildad had tried to help him see an aspect of God’s justice, but without clear understanding of his sin this did not help.

God answered Job’s inner desire!  We now have a mediator who will stand before God on our behalf!  Jesus Christ is the one mediator between God and man!  He is a man like us and understands our suffering and weakness and is able to help us when we suffer!  God is just and merciful to each of us through His own Son, Jesus Christ!  (1st Timothy 2:5-6)

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