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Sunday rest and reflection: Spirit outpouring!

Dear Friends,

Another day of rest begins to remind us of the finished work of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  We can truly rest from any effort on our part to try and save ourselves.  We can put away religion, sacrifices, penance, and extravagant offerings as  possible ways of paying God back or purchasing freedom.  The debt of sin is canceled!  Simply asking Him in faith for mercy has brought the remedy as a gift! (Romans 6:23)  Putting our trust in Jesus Christ is sufficient and it is finished! (Romans 10:9-10)  What a blessing!

As I reflect back on this week’s reading, the book of Joel comes easily to mind.  We had only one day to read this and reflect on it and it is so rich in revelation and truth.  God’s desire has been to bless His people and make them a blessing to the entire world.  He would do this by living in their midst and placing a covering of His glory over them.  He would provide for them and be their source of real food and living water.  He would clothe them in the finest of garments and they would reside in the land of milk and honey.  He would drive out all of their enemies and His presence would mark them as a chosen people, blessed beyond measure.

However, sin had so devastated mankind and even God’s people, that they lived far below their God-given potential.  His people lost His glory in their midst and fell into idolatry and under the curse brought on by their sins.  In Joel’s day it was a locust plague!  This plague was uses as a type of the coming ‘day of the Lord’.  The remedy for this plague was found in rending of hearts, not clothes.  Broken hearts make good vessels for God to pour His Spirit into!  The Holy Spirit heals and binds up wounds.  He brings the Word of God to our inner man and faith arises to live in victory! Signs and wonders begin to follow the preaching and living of God’s Word for He honors faith and obedience.  Prophesy flows from the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We see the plans and purposes of God and are able to take faith-actions that save us and those around us.

We desparately need an outpouring of God’s Spirit on our church and land!  Consider this book of Joel and let the Spirit prompt you to take the proper actions.  Ask for an outpouring into hearts prepared by brokenness!  God is faithful!  In His Love,  Pastor John

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