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Sunday Rest and Reflection:Moses

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ!  Welcome to another day of rest and reflection!  How wonderful it is to be delivered from slavery to sin and enjoy new life in Jesus Christ!

I want to think about Moses for a few minutes today.  Moses was a man highly favored of God.  His godly parents feared God and were allowed to raise this child after he was miraculously taken out of the water of the Nile River by Pharaoh’s daughter.  The name “Moses” means “drawn out of the water”!  God often uses water as a medium of spiritual cleansing or new birth.  We are first born through water–from our mother’s womb–born  in sin and under God’s wrath.

This Moses, eighty years later, would lead all of God’s people through walls of water to deliverance from Pharaoh’s army.  God used the water then to protect His people from destruction and to destroy the enemies of His people.  He used that deliverance to purify them of the slavery mentality and take them to new life in the land of promise.

In Joshua’s day, God took the Nation of Israel back through the waters of the Jordan River at flood-stage by a miraculous parting.  This was another “baptism” of those who came through the desert experience of 40 years.  This new generation had to go through the waters to prepare them to worship and make war in the promised land!

One greater than Moses or Joshua, who came through the “baptized” nation of Israel, would go into the waters of the Jordan and be baptized by John the Baptist.  As he came out of those waters, he would receive the Spirit and confirmation of His Father’s approval.  He would become the means by which all peoples of the earth could escape  judgment and receive new birth.   Jesus commanded all who would repent, to believe and be baptized in water!  This baptism helps us connect with people of faith from all generations!  God takes us through the waters to new life in Him!  Take time today to reflect on Moses, Jesus and water!   In His Love, Pastor John

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