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Waiting on the Lord!

Scripture reading for July 29th: Isaiah 40-43

Chapter 40 of Isaiah begins a new theme for the prophet.  Instead of the warnings of coming judgment and retribution on Israel and the nations for their sins, idolatry and waywardness, this next section speaks of hope, comfort and encouragement.  The last 27 chapters are like the New Testament’s 27 books of encouragement, history and prophecy.  As we begin in Isaiah 40, let’s get a fresh look at the God of heaven and learn why we can wait for Him to do what He has promised!

How big is your view of God?  Isaiah’s perspective from 700 years before Christ is amazing given what we know today from science and space exploration.  This God is so big that he measures the waters of the earth in the hollow of His hand.  He marks off the expanse of the universe with a breadth of His hands!  He could pick up all the dust of the earth and put it in a basket and weigh it. (Isaiah 40:12)  To God, all the nations of the earth are but a drop in His bucket and the islands of the sea are just fine dust.  (Isaiah 40:16)  According to Isaiah, God sits enthroned above the circle of the earth.  (Isaiah 40: 22)  He makes this statement 2700 years ago when most people thought the earth was flat!  Prophecy is from God’s perspective and He is always right!

God also has a tender side and is very personal.  He tends His flock of people like a shepherd.  He gathers his little lambs into His arms and carries them close to His heart!  He gently leads those that have young ones.  (Isaiah 40:11)  He calls all the multiple billions of galaxies and their billions of stars each by name.  He places them where He desires and not one is missing! (Isaiah 40:26)  God does all of this effortlessly without getting tired or weary.  His power and strength know no bounds.  His understanding of every detail of every creature is beyond what we can fathom!  (Isaiah 40:27-28)

This God cares for the weary and the weak as well as all creation.  His specialty is renewing the weary and the weak.  As they wait and hope in Him, they are strengthened by His Spirit.  Isaiah, under the anointing of the Spirit of prophecy, uses the analogy of the eagle. (Isaiah 40:29-31)   The eagle must wait upon the Lord when it goes through a time of renewal.  It loses it’s feathers and beak and must wait on the Lord in the cleft of a rock.  After the renewal of feathers and beak, the eagle again can mount up on it’s wings and soar!  God’s people will be able to run and walk again in strength and power!  What a promise of comfort and hope after a time of weariness and fainting!

Take time today to meditate on the greatness of God as reflected in these chapters of Isaiah.  Let your vision of how big your God is grow and your faith to wait upon Him be enlarged!  He is truly worth waiting for!

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