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The Long Way Around!

Scripture reading for January 23rd: Exodus 13-15

Why does God lead His people into impossible situations?  Does He get a thrill out of seeing His people suffer and experience fear?  Why did God lead the Israelites out of Egypt by way of the desert route instead of the shorter route through the land of the Philistines?  God has His reasons and they are all working for the good of His people if they will follow in faith!

The stated reason why God took these people on the longer route is that they were not ready to fight to possess the land.  God knew that although they were out of Egypt, they still had a slave mentality.  Although they were armed for battle, they did not have the heart for battle! (Exodus 13:17-18)  God led them with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.  (Exodus 13:21-22)  This was a visible evidence of His presence with His people.  One would think that this miraculous visible presence of God would convince the people to follow, but miracles do not always change the heart or transform us! God is preparing us by using impossible situations to display His glory!   His grace and glory transform us!

Pharaoh, in the mean time, realized what he had done!  He decided to pursue the Israelites with his chariots and army.  The Israelites saw them coming and began to complain and be fearful.  They would be no match for the Egyptians alone!  They were terrified and cried out! (Exodus 14: 10-12)  Moses reassured them that the Lord was with them and He would fight for them.  (Exodus 14:13)  Having a man of faith as a leader is a great comfort and help when the going gets rough!  Moses knew God and obeyed the Lord as He continued to instruct him!  (Exodus 14:15-17)

God delivered His people through the water of the Red Sea with a miraculous “baptism”.  They walked over on dry land between two walls of water while their enemies were drowned!  This “baptism” would help them to understand God’s ability to do the impossible again and again as they walked with Him!

If you are in a desperate situation today, take a moment to reflect on God’s presence and power.  Allow Him to guide you through the situation to safety on the other side!  Your trouble can reveal His glory!

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