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“Is There Any Word From the Lord?”

Scripture reading for August 14th: Jeremiah 37-39

Prophets have to know that they have heard from the Lord and stay true to the message, even when the going gets rough!  Jeremiah had been prophesying for nearly 40 years and giving the same basic message:  God was going to send Judah into captivity for her sins!  This was not a popular message and was not the message of the popular prophets of Judah either.  They were telling the king and people that God would deliver them from the Babylonians and break the yoke of the enemy, restoring their land and freedom. (Jeremiah 28:10-11)

However, as Jerusalem was surrounded and under siege for a time, the Babylonian army withdrew to fight against Pharaoh’s army.  (Jeremiah 37:9-12)  As Jeremiah began to leave the city to claim his property in Benjamin, he was caught by officials and falsely accused of deserting to Babylon.  He was beaten and imprisoned in the house of Jonathan.

“Jeremiah was put into a vaulted cell in a dungeon, where he remained for a long time.  Then King Zedekiah sent for him and had him brought to the palace where he asked him privately, “Is there any word from the Lord?”  “Yes,” Jeremiah replied, “you will be handed over to the king of Babylon.” (Jeremiah 37:16-17)  The king longed to know what God was thinking and sent for the prophet.  Had he been listening, he would have known that God had already spoken and no one was listening.  Jeremiah repeated the simple message and petitioned the king for mercy.  Zedekiah seemed to soften and allowed him to be moved to a more comfortable location and to receive food.

Some people seem eager to hear a fresh “word from the Lord” when they haven’t processed or heeded the earlier words.  Some of the instructions from God may not be to our liking or may seem too hard for us, but obedience is the right approach.  God can’t give further instructions until we obey the one’s we have already.  Faithfulness in the little brings an opportunity to be faithful in much!

Would you take time today to examine your obedience to what God has already spoken to you?  Are you walking in His call for your life?  Are you faithful in the tasks you know you should be doing?  If not, repent and begin to obey!  That’s a “word” for you today!

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