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Anointed to Serve

Scripture reading for February 4th: Leviticus 8-10

We all have our own idea of what a great job might look like.  For some it might be leadership of a major company making lots of money.  For others it might be an easy job with little work or effort but great honor.  Some people think that being a minister or priest would be an easy job.  Let’s consider the priesthood that God appointed to represent the people before Him and see if this job would be one that we might enjoy!

The first command of God brought Aaron, the high priest elect, and his four sons before the Tent of Meeting.  They were to bring their garments, anointing oil, a bull for a sin offering, two rams, a basket of unleavened bread and the entire assembly of Israel to watch them.  They were stripped down and bathed and then dressed in the holy clothes.  Aaron had the ephod and breastpiece placed on him, as well as the turban with the gold plate.  Next Aaron was anointed by pouring  the sacred anointing oil on his head.  Then the bull was sacrificed with Aaron and his sons placing their hands on its head before death.  Moses did this and poured the blood out before the Lord, offered the fat and kidneys, sprinkled the altar and burned the body outside the camp.  (Leviticus 8:1-17)

Next the ram for the burnt offering was sacrificed in the same manner as the bull.  This time Moses sprinkled the blood on the altar and burned the whole ram on the altar.  The second ram was for ordination.  Aaron and sons laid their hands on its head before Moses slaughtered it.  He took some blood and put it on the right earlobe, thumb of the right hand and big toe of the right foot of Aaron, and the sons. Their garments were anointed again with blood from the last ram and anointing oil.  (Leviticus 8:22-31)

This was all a prelude to their serving in this same manner each day before the Lord on behalf of the people.  It was not an easy or clean job!  It also had it’s dangers!  Two of the sons died when they did not follow God’s instructions!  (Leviticus 10:1-2) Serving God and His people requires holiness and cleansing by blood.  God demands obedience from those who are given much!  Those who are great in God’s Kingdom become servants of all!

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