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Embarrassed at the wedding!

Scripture reading for January 31: Matthew 22:1-22, Psalms 20, Proverbs 5:21-23

Jesus knew that the religious leaders were plotting to arrest Him.  He spoke to them again in a parable that would help them to see their precarious position.  This parable had some common elements for the culture of that day that all who heard could relate to.  There was the King who had a son that was getting married and a planned wedding banquet.  There were the servants sent out to remind the guests of the banquet and confirm their attendance.  There were those invited to this wedding banquet and then there were those who were found on the street and invited to come and fill the banquet hall for the dinner.  There was one man who attended the banquet without proper clothes.  This cast of characters and the wedding banquet was woven into a simple story that could bring understanding to those with ears to hear and hearts that were teachable.

The servants were sent out and went to the invited guests.  These guests either ignored the invitation or mistreated and even killed the servants sent to remind them.  The King was enraged and sent His army to destroy those invited guests and burn their city.  Other servants were then sent out to find anyone, good or bad, who would come to the banquet.   The King arrived and noticed a man who had no wedding clothes.  This man had no excuse and was bound and thrown from the banquet hall.  The moral of this parable was, “For many are invited but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14)

This story was directed at the religious leaders of the Jews and they knew it.  They were the invited guests who had mistreated the prophets that the King (God) had sent to them.  They had even killed some of them and were at present plotting to kill the King’s Son.   God had judged the nation by sending them into captivity for seventy years and their city was burned.  The servants would then be sent out to gather all who would come–Jew and Gentile.  The only requirement was proper wedding clothes!  The man who had no proper clothes was thrown out into the darkness (hell).  This was and is a warning to all who accept the invitation.  The proper garments are deeds of righteousness done by faith.  (Revelation 19:7-9)  Are you ready for the wedding?

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