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Death Comes to All Men

Scripture reading for May 26th: Job 20-21

Death is the great equalizer.  With only a very few exceptions, all who have entered this world have left it by death.  Enoch, the seventh from Adam, was translated and Elijah had a chariot come for him.  Jesus Christ rose again from the dead and ascended into heaven on a cloud of glory!  All others that we know of have died and are buried.  Whether they were rich or poor, none of what they had went with them.  Whether they were good or evil, it appears that the same fate has overtaken them.  Some who where evil lived long lives of pleasure.  Some who were righteous died young.  Job and his friends wrestled with these issues and tried to figure out some reason in it all.

Job’s friend Zophar has simple reasoning.  The wicked have their lives cut short and they are punished by God.  They loose their youthful vigor and God’s burning anger will consume them.  Terrors overwhelm them and God’s wrath is appointed to bring them down. (Job 20:24-29)   By implication, since  Job is suffering this terror, loss of goods, and sickness, then he must be wicked!  Case closed!

Job answered his friend with some of his observations.  Job observed that some wicked live lives of ease and are prosperous.  They seemed to have no trouble and everything goes well.  They die in peace even though they have rejected God and His ways.  Other men die in bitterness and never enjoy anything in life.  When they die, worms eat them both.  (Job 21:22-26)

Job’s final conclusion was that Zophar’s comments were “nonsense” and “falsehood”.  (Job 21:34)  Man with his eyes cannot see what happens to anyone who dies.  We are not God to know what is truly in a man’s heart and are told not to judge.  Death is the great swallower of all mankind.  God will judge each person who has not made a covenant with Him by His son, Jesus Christ.  God’s mercy triumphs over judgment when we turn to Jesus.  When we live and believe in Jesus, He tells us we will never die!  (John 11:25-26)

Be careful today not to judge others or condemn them to hell for their sins.  God’s heart is to see all saved and come to Him.  He offers escape from eternal death and a way to live eternally and fully starting today!

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