Current Worldview Clash–Inauguration prayer!
Last night, I read an article that illustrates how our vision of life, values, morals and biblical truth as Christians clashes with the world we live in.  There is ongoing debate about President-elect Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to offer the prayer at his inauguration.  In this article, the writer is trying to portray the need for respect of the various religious beliefs represented in our nation.  Muslims pray to “Allah” and Jews use the name “God”.  Concern is being voiced that a Christian minister praying in the name of “Jesus Christ” would be offensive to some.  Atheists and gay-rights activists are also not happy with Pastor Warren’s stand of faith and statements of biblical truth.  How can we know which of these worldviews are right?  Shouldn’t Pastor Warren yield in love to pray in a way that is inoffensive to others who believe differently?  Shouldn’t President-elect Obama be true to what he says he believes too? Why are all these people unhappy about this seemingly insignificant choice?

As Christians, we should respect each person’s right to believe what they choose.  God himself respects our right to choose.  What we are seeing here is the secular worldview that says that what we believe personally should just be kept to our own personal life.  It is only truth for those who believe it.  When you are in public, you should act in a way that will be accepted by all.  The idea is to be politically correct in the public world and still personally believe what you think is true.  This two-tiered view of the world is not biblical!   We should live a life that is true to Jesus Christ and His word, no matter what the setting.  Our values and morals should guide our words and our choices private and public. These values and morals should be derived from God’s Word, the ultimate source of truth.   Our goal is not just to please all men, but to please our loving Father by obedience and faith.  Let’s pray that all who name the name of Christ will seek to please Him alone.

As we embark on this trek through the Bible and a new year, God wants to instill an understanding of Scripture and His view of mankind in our hearts and minds.  He wants us to understand who we are and what we believe.  He wants us to know that His Word is not just true for those who believe, but it is true for time and eternity.  It is something we can base our life on that is a solid rock.  As we read the daily news and hear the debates and feel the pressure to conform to this world’s thinking, we will know the truth and that truth will make us free indeed!

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12   Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “if you continue in my word then you are really my disciples.  You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  –John 8:31-32