Podcast: Our Walk Worldview Rountable–Part 2

Part 2 of the intergenerational rountable discussion again deals with issues from our current walk with the Lord and attempt to live our faith in this world and culture.  Josh, 24, and Mike, 43, and John, 61, share their thoughts with views of their generation.


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One thought on “Podcast: Our Walk Worldview Rountable–Part 2”

  1. Good job, gentlemen, on your 2 podcasts roundtable. I want to say that the reading through the Bible this year, and now the video series, “The Truth Project” has me stirred up to let Christ’s truth be made known in my sphere of relationships. I am seeking how to be strong with those who do not have a Biblical world view, without being rude. I believe it may not be popular to share the Biblical world view, but I feel a responsibility for this increasing in my life. There is a part of me that “fears” taking a stand in front of those in my work in education, who have a less than godly worldview (some coworkers or neighbors). I do not want timidity to influence my answers. Joy Herzog

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