Sunday Rest and Reflection–Rest!

Dear Friends,

On this last Sunday of 2009, after reading and writing through the Bible, we can again rest because I can finish on time in four more days!  As I reflect on this journey, I have learned to see Jesus in a fresh way.  I feel that I know Him better and have an understanding of His mercy for us.  He longs to have fellowship with each of us and desires that none perish or suffer the wrath of God against sin.

We are secure in Christ and can rest today in our salvation and our future.  Every promise of Scripture is given that we might escape the corruption in this world and enter the abundance provided by Christ.  His power and wisdom exceed anything that we even remotely understand.  He is working out His plans to bring everything in heaven and earth and under the earth into harmony with God the Father.  He is confident.

Government powers and world rulers are no match for Jesus either.  All the armies, nuclear weapons, and political decrees can’t stop Him.  Neither can religious deception and humanistic idolatry stop Jesus from destroying all sin and rebellion and ruling with absolute truth and justice.  Both the Beast and False Prophet are thrown into the Lake of Fire, where they are tormented for ever and ever!  The wicked are judged and get their just desserts!

The end of Revelation is a new beginning!  A new heaven and new earth come into being and the righteous bask in the presence of the Lord and dwell with Him for ever and ever!  These words are trustworthy and the One who spoke them is Truth Himself!  We are so blessed to know these promises and by faith live in them today and for ever!  Have a great day of rest!

In His Love, Pastor John

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