Marks of Revival

Scripture reading for April 16th: 2nd Kings 22-25

I long to see a real revival in my time and in my day!  I want my children and grandchildren to experience a genuine move of God that makes God real to them, not just something that their parents or grandparents tell them about.  In today’s reading, we get insight into a revival in Judah that was instituted by one of the youngest kings, Josiah.

Josiah came into office at 8 years of age and when he was 26, he made a discovery that brought revival!  Hilkiah the high priest, in his work in the temple, had uncovered the lost Book of the Law.  He gave it to Shaphan, the king’s secretary who took it to Josiah, who asked that he read it to him.  As Josiah heard the words of the Book of the Law, he tore his robes and sent his officials to inquire of the Lord about what he heard.  He knew that the Lord must be angry because of their neglect of His word and disobedience.

They went to Hilkiah the priest who directed them to Huldah the prophetess.  She told them of the Lord’s anger against idolatry.  She also told them to tell King Josiah, that because he humbled himself and sought the Lord, that the anger would be averted during his lifetime!  Prayer and humility have a definite appeal to the Lord.  He would rather show mercy than judge!  Even though this king was young, he was very humble and responsive to the Lord’s word.

Josiah called together all the elders and leaders and people of Judah and Jerusalem and read the words of the Book of the Law to them.  He renewed the covenant to obey the Lord and ordered the high priest to remove any idols from the temple and it’s grounds.  He did away with pagan priests and desecrated all the pagan places of worship.  He stopped child sacrifice to Molech and did away with sun worship.  He then celebrated Passover according to the Book of the Law! (2nd Kings 23:4-21)

Revival brings godly repentance and delivers many from judgment.  Revival starts with the word of God being read and believed.  Revival comes with a godly fear of the Lord and trembling at His decrees.  Revival tears down idols and removes pagan worship.   Revival restores biblical worship and faith in God’s sacrifice!  Pray for revival today!

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