Ending Well

Scripture reading for April 22nd: 1st Chronicles 28-29

In long distance races, the start isn’t as important as the finish.  In the race of life, I want to finish well!  I don’t want to fall away or disgrace God as I leave this life.  History is full of stories of great men of God who have not finished very well.  Saul, David’s predecessor is a prime example of a man who at the end of his life was tormented by fear, sought a medium, and finally took his own life.

David called together all the leaders of Israel and spoke to them at Jerusalem.  He recounted how God in His sovereignty had picked Judah and his family to be king.  He told them that God had chosen Solomon to be his successor and the one to build a house for the Lord.  (1st Chronicles 28:4-7)  He charged Solomon to follow all the Lord’s commands and possess the good land that God had given them, passing it on to his descendants.  He instructed Solomon to acknowledge God as his Father and serve Him willingly and wholeheartedly!

David then gave the plans for the temple to Solomon and encouraged him in the execution and building of this house for the Lord.  The Lord had given David the plans and had given him understanding for each detail!  (1st Chronicles 28:19)  David personally gave large quantities of his own resources to build the temple.  He gave gold, silver, bronze, iron, stones and marble.  David knew that he could not take this great wealth with him when he died.  He truly wanted to set a good example for his son and the leaders of Israel.  His giving inspired others and they also began to give!

King David then offered up prayer and praise to the Lord.  He praised God for His greatness and glory.  He acknowledged that all his wealth and honor had come from God.  He confessed that men were very short-lived on the earth.  He prayed for God’s grace in Solomon’s life.  This prayer is a wonderful finish to David’s life! (1st Chronicles 29:10-19)

“David son of Jesse was king over all Israel.  He ruled Israel forty years–seven in Hebron and thirty three in Jerusalem.  he died at a good old age, having enjoyed long life, wealth and honor.” (1st Chronicles 29:26-28)  What will your epitaph read?  Are you setting a course that will enable you to finish well?

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