Jesus in charge!

Scripture reading for May 29th: John 18:1-24

John recorded the account of Jesus’ arrest and questioning in the early morning hours of His final day.  What is amazing to me as I read, is the total control that Jesus exhibits.  He becomes a prisoner, but maintains His ability to lead and direct the events according to the plan of the Father.

First, as the officials came in the night with torches to the Garden, Jesus asked them who they were seeking.  Whey they replied, “Jesus of Nazareth”, Jesus told them plainly that He was that person.  As Jesus spoke this to them, the power of God caused these men to fall helplessly to the ground.  Jesus asked them a second time who they wanted and the answer was the same. “I told you that I am He,” Jesus answered.  “If you are looking for Me, then let these men go.” (John 18:8)  Jesus was in charge and the men, who were officials of the ruling Sanhedrin, let the others go.  This was all in accordance with Jesus’ prayer and words, “I have lost none of those you gave Me.” (John 18:9) (John 6:39) (John 17:12)  Not only was He in charge, He was acting in accordance with plans made with the Father before time began!

As Peter stood up to defend Jesus, swinging his sword and cutting off the ear of Malchus the High Priest’s servant, Jesus firmly told Peter to put his sword away.  He took control, healing the ear with a single touch!  (Luke 22:51)  “Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given to Me?” (John 18:11)  Jesus knew the suffering that He must endure to complete the mission that the Father had given Him.  He was in complete control and willingly let these men take Him into their custody to fulfill His goal!

As Jesus stood before Annas,  He answered their questions politely.  He was struck in the face by one of the officials and rebuked.  Jesus still answered politely.  (John 18:22-23)  He was a man who was in charge, even though bound and under arrest!

Have you surrendered your life to this Jesus?  Jesus is the Son of God and He perfectly obeyed the Father in drinking the cup of suffering and sin on our behalf.  He was the King of Kings, but served His subjects by doing for them what they couldn’t do for themselves!  Let Him take charge today!

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