The Tabernacle of God

Scripture reading for January 28: Exodus 25-27

Do you like to follow directions?  Men are particularly prone to trying to put something together from trial and error.    We often feel that instructions are unnecessary.  This attitude usually gets us into trouble and we either get lost or end up with left over parts from the project!

God gave Moses specific instructions as to how His “dwelling place” was to be constructed.  He told them numbers, lengths, weights and the type of materials for each part.  God left nothing to chance. Four times in our reading today God re-emphasizes the need to make everything after the pattern shown on the mountain.  (Exodus 25:9,40; 26:30; 27:9) It may be that God knew Moses was a typical man!

The instructions for this Tabernacle started with the Ark of the Covenant!   It was a chest of acacia wood about 4 feet long.  It was to be coated with pure gold.  Two gold cherubim were to be beaten out one sheet of gold and they were to face  each other on the lid of this box.  The box was to have two rings on each side where poles of acacia wood would be used to transport it. Everything was coated with pure gold.   The tablets of Testimony, the ten commands, were to be placed inside of this box.  Later a jar of manna was placed there as well as Aaron’s rod that had budded and sprouted in God’s presence.  (Hebrews 9:1-5)

This ark of the Covenant is a type of Jesus Christ.  John 1:14-15 tells us that Jesus came and “pitched his tent” (tabernacled) among us.  We beheld His glory!  Jesus kept the law of God written on the tablets of Testimony.  He was the only man who has ever lived who fully obeyed the Law and was without sin. (Hebrews 4:15-16) He was the living bread (manna) come down from heaven, that if any man eat of this bread, he would never die!  (John 6:47-50)  He was the one chosen by God to have all authority in heaven and on earth! (Aaron’s rod!) (Matthew 28:18)  He was attended by angels at His birth and ascension!

We who are saved and in relationship with Jesus have his glory in our earthen “tents”.   We are nourished by the heavenly manna, the word of God.  We have authority through the name of Jesus!  Our righteousness comes from His perfect obedience!  What a plan God has laid out!

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