Sunday Message: “Preparing for the journey!”–Summer series!

Dear friends,

Another wonderful day of worship and fellowship in the house of God has rolled around!  Being in God’s house and gathering with people of faith is uplifting to the soul and pleasing to God!  Good Shepherd will welcome you if you need a place to gather or have been out of fellowship for a time.  We will also honor 6 graduates of High School and 6 college graduates.   We are located at 3031 Bittel Road in Owensboro and church is at 10:30!

Today we will begin a new illustrated sermon series called “For the Journey!”  Come find out where the journey leads us each week as we travel this summer on a ‘camping’ trip up the Appalachian trail.  Each week will deal with an aspect of following Jesus  Christ as a committed disciple!  This summer journey is designed to be fun and challenging to our souls! Don’t miss it!

In His Love,

Pastor John and Mary

In His Love,  Pastor John and Mary

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