Sunday Message: For the Journey: Trail markers!

Scripture reading for June 17th: Joshua 4:4-7, 19-24,  Joshua  24:14-14, 21-27

Dear Friends,

This Sunday is another day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!  God, our Father, sent His only Son to earth to reveal His love and care to us.  We gather to worship Him and bring our tithes and offerings as acts of worship and obedience.  All of God’s children honor their Father in Heaven each week!

We will also honor fathers today.  Fathers are called on by God to be the priest of the home and protector and provider of the family.  They are given a charge to teach the children the word and ways of God.  In doing so, they lay down trail markers for life’s journey that can guide their children to a life of faith.  My son, Pastor Marshal Morse will be sharing with us this morning in our discipleship series: “For the journey!” My other son Steve and his family will also be with us.  God is so good!

In His Love, Pastor John and Mary

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