Extravagant Love!

Scripture reading for March 27th: Luke 7:36-8:3

“When a woman who had lived a sinful life in that town learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, she brought an alabaster jar of perfume, and as she stood behind Him at His feet weeping, she began to wet His feet with her tears.  Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them.” (Luke 7:37-38)  This was a woman with a bad reputation that those present knew about.  She had come to seek out Jesus and lavish on Him a display of love.  She was moved to the point of weeping a flow of tears so profuse that they literally wet the feet of Jesus so that she could wash them and dry them with her own hair.  She then showered those feet with kisses to show her appreciation for the ‘good news’ that those feet brought into her life! (Isaiah 52:7)

Her extravagant display was not appreciated by those religious folks who watched from across the table.  Their thoughts went to her sinful life and to wondering that if Jesus were such a ‘man of God’,  why was he allowing this sinner to touch Him?  (Luke 7:39)  Jesus then told them a small parable about two men who owed a moneylender a small and a large amount of money.  Because they had no money, this moneylender canceled both debts.  Jesus’ question for them, “Now which of them will love him more?” (Luke 7:42)  The logical answer was chosen–the one who had the largest debt canceled!

Jesus commended them for their perspicuity, and went on to point out that they had not even given Him the common respect of washing His feet as an honored guest, yet this woman had lavished on Him personal washing from her own tears.  They had not greeted Him with a kiss, but this woman kissed His feet!  Extravagant love comes from being forgiven much! (Luke 7:47)

If we only realized how much we have been forgiven!  (Or our need of forgiveness!) Our sins were piled as high as the heavens and our reputation in heaven was known!  But we have a Savior who will abundantly pardon if we will humbly come to Him in faith!  Faith works by love!  Have you received this pardon?  Have you gone humbly and thankfully to Him and receive His extravagant love?

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