BibleTrekToday 2015–Jesus!

Reading for January 1st:  Matthew 1

Dear Friends of Jesus,

As we begin our journey on the first day of a new year, I begin my seventh year of writing devotions through the Bible.  This year we will try another reading approach to the New Testament.  My plan is to read one chapter a day for five days each week.  We will take Saturday’s and Sunday’s off to reflect and worship with our family and church family.  May the Lord reveal His holy character and ways to each of you as you faithfully read.

The theme this year is simply “Jesus”!  Jesus Christ is the central focus of the whole Bible and the New Testament begins with a record of the human lineage of Jesus traced from Abraham to Jesus’ earthly father Joseph.  There were 42 generations in this record covering about 2000 years of human history.  (Matthew 1:17)  Matthew writes from a Jewish perspective and shows that Jesus was truly a son of David traced back to Abraham, the father of the nation.

Matthew recounts how Mary was found to be with child before the consummation of her marriage to Joseph.  Joseph planned to divorce her quietly, but was told by God that he should go ahead and marry her.  The child was conceived by the Holy Spirit.  Joseph was given the Name “Jesus” to give to the child by the angel.  “Jesus” would save His people from their sins!  (Matthew 1:21)

Everyone needs a savior because all have sinned!  (Romans 3:23)  There is no other Name given among men that can bring salvation!  (Acts 4:12)  Why not start this new year committing your life to Jesus Christ?   Would you dedicate time each day to read His Word and know Him?  God bless you on your journey this year!  Pastor John and Mary Morse

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