2018 BibleTrekToday.com Theme: Prayer and walking with God!

The Trek:  Reading both Old Testament and New Testament from January 1st, 2018- December 31st, 2018

The goal:  Read about 3 chapters of Old Testament and 1 chapter of the New Testament each day for five days each week–Monday through Friday.  The challenge is to read the Scripture and the notes as well if you have a study Bible.  I will be using the English Standard Version (ESV) in the Fire Bible Global Study Edition.  I purchase a new Bible each year and try a different version or different study notes.  This year, I will be focusing on prayer and a daily walk.   Prayer is a neglected practice of many Christians and is a spiritual discipline we can all grow in, myself included.

I will write a short devotion from a passage in the reading relating to prayer each day and conclude it with a short prayer.  My prayer is to see God develop my capacity to walk with Him, hear His voice and become intimate with His heart and desires.  Our prayer life will bless our families, ministries, workplaces and the nation and world.  We can truly become “world-changers” through listening and obeying and asking and knocking!  Through prayer, God will release His power and Spirit to bring revival and transformation.   God bless you as you join in this journey!

In His Love,  Pastor John Morse

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