A reminder of our 2023 reading schedule

Dear friends and fellow pilgrims,

Our reading this year is through the New Testament in a chronological format. This format is taken from the Navigators 5x5x5 reading program found free on their site: navlink.org/newtestament. It is a free download. They encourage that this plan can be followed with five minutes a day, five days a week, and five ways to dig deeper. This is elaborated on their website and with the free download.

I have added a daily Psalm chapter and a daily Proverb chapter that will help us focus on worship and wisdom as well as walking with Jesus through the New Testament. I like the chronological plan, because it spreads the Gospels out over the year, beginning with Mark and ending with John right before Revelation. Please join me in reading! Let’s enjoy the journey, dig deep, and experience the joy of Jesus and worship Him more fully in loving obedience! Pastor John Morse

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