Betrayal troubles Jesus!

Scripture reading for November 1st: John 13, Psalm 68, Proverbs 1

John 13:21-28 “After saying these things, Jesus was troubled in His spirit, and testified, “Truly, truly, I say to you, one of you will betray Me.” The disciples looked at one another, uncertain of whom he spoke. One of His disciples, whom Jesus loved, was reclining at table at Jesus’ side, so Simon Peter motioned to him to ask Jesus of whom He was speaking. So that disciple, leaning back against Jesus, said to Him, “Lord, who is it?” Jesus answered, “It is he to whom I will give this morsel of bread when I have dipped it.” So when He had dipped the morsel, He gave it to Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot. Then after he had taken the morsel, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “What you are going to do, do quickly.” Now no one at the table knew why He said this to him.”

Jesus was troubled in His spirit by the fact that one of His disciples had already plotted to betray Him for a little money. He wasn’t troubled by a lack of knowledge about who this was, however, as He knew what was in Judas when He chose him. The other disciples were searching their hearts and looking at one another wondering who it might be. Peter motioned to John, who was seated next to Jesus to ask Him who it was. Jesus dipped a morsel of bread and gave it to Judas, who was most likely seated next to Jesus in a place of honor. Judas knew his own pre-arranged plans and Jesus was showing him that He knew and was offering him the chance to repent one last time. But Satan entered Judas after taking and eating the bread–a covenant meal of love and devotion. He ate damnation to himself through unbelief and rebellion and focusing on unjust gain. We must examine ourselves before partaking of Holy Communion.

Psalm 68:1-2 “God shall arise, His enemies shall be scattered; and those who hate Him shall flee before Him! As smoke is driven away, so You shall drive them away; as wax melts before fire, so the wicked shall perish before God!”

Prayer: Father God, this account of Jesus and Judas and the disciples at the Last Supper encourages me to seek You for insight and wisdom into the motives of my own heart. You know all things and are merciful. Reveal any betrayal of Jesus in my motives, attitudes or actions that I might repent. Help me to truly love You and my fellow believers by living in grace by faith and walking humbly with Jesus.

Proverbs 1:18-19 “For in vain is a net spread in the sight of any bird, but these men lie in wait for their own blood; they set an ambush for their own lives. Such are the ways of everyone who is greedy for unjust gain; it takes away the life of its possessors.”

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