Leadership transitions

Scripture reading for April 19: 1 Chronicles 22-27

As I have attended and worked in different church families, one of the things that is often done poorly is the transition of leadership.  Often the pastor resigns or sometimes is forced to leave because of some problem.  No preparation or thinking has been done by the deacons or core leadership of the church and a crisis is at hand.  People have different ideas and pastors are invited to come share their ministry and it becomes a popularity contest.  It sometimes divides the church and there is great turmoil.  Many people forget that God is a God of order and He has a plan of succession and a plan for success! 

David was old and “full of years”. (1 Chronicles 23:1)  He made Solomon king over Israel.    In a power grab, David’s son Adonijah had tried to make himself king. Bathsheba and Nathan worked together to redirect the situation according to the will of the Lord.  (1 Kings 1:1-5)  It is one of the strategies of Satan to bring division and confusion in a family, church, or nation. 

After installing Solomon, David wisely tried to help his son succeed in the vision he had from the Lord. A long-term project was the building of the temple of the Lord. David had heard from the Lord and passed on the instructions and materials he had gathered and provided from his own wealth.   He was a good example and prayed for God’s wisdom and discretion that his son might have success!  A father’s blessing and God’s blessing go a long way toward success! (1 Chronicles 22:11-13)

The last thing David did was to gather the key leaders of Israel together and encourage them to support Solomon.  David cited the Lord’s victories and how God had given the people rest.  He encouraged the leaders to seek the Lord with all their heart and soul and to begin building.  This transition would continue the vision of the Lord through David and insure the accomplishment of God’s will and purposes.  (1 Chronicles 22:17-19)

I believe God wants thoughtful and peaceful transition of leadership.  Pray for your family, church family and nation for the leaders and those in authority that they would be thoughtful and purposeful in this area.  God’s purposes are eternal!  We should keep them in focus in choosing leaders!

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