“A wake-up call from God”

Scripture reading for April 24: 2 Chronicles 10-12

Have you ever slept through an important event or meeting?  Have you shut the alarm off or hit the “snooze” button and then failed to make it to work?  King Rehoboam got an unusual “wake-up” call from a prophet of God and a pagan king, Shishak of Egypt, and his 1200 chariots!  (2nd Chronicles 12:3) 

2 Chronicles 12:5-6 “Then Shemaiah the prophet came to Rehoboam and to the princes of Judah, who had gathered at Jerusalem because of Shishak, and said to them: “Thus says the Lord, You abandoned Me, so I have abandoned you into the hand of Shishak.”

Rehoboam had failed to keep regular appointments with God and obey God’s law after he was established and became strong.  (2 Chronicles 12:1-2)  Rehoboam had followed his father Solomon to the throne, but failed to listen to wise advise.  Instead he sought the advice of his own peers and sought his own way and welfare over the welfare of the people God had entrusted to him.  We may get by doing this for a while, but soon our sins find us out.

As a result of his neglect, Rehoboam found himself under attack by Shishak, King of Egypt.  Shishak had 1200 chariots and many hired warriors.  God sent a prophet named Shemaiah to warn Rehoboam and the leaders of Judah and to help them see their errors.  Upon hearing the Word of the Lord, the king and the leaders humbled themselves and God relented of destroying them.  He did allow Shishak to carry off the treasures of the Temple and the royal palace.  The king and the people became subjects of Egypt. Rehoboam heard the wake-up call and responded with remorse, not true repentance.  He was spared destruction, but  he continued to do evil in God’s eyes and failed to set his heart on seeking the Lord in everything.  (2 Chronicles 12:14)

Has the Lord sent you a ‘wake-up’ call that got your attention? What is God looking for in those who lead His people? Why is it not often best just to consult your peers instead of those with godly wisdom?

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