Satan, the accuser!

Scripture reading for May 17: Job 1-3

The Bible teaches us that the unseen world is eternal and the world that is visible is only temporary. (2 Corinthians 4:18)  God dwells in the realm of the eternal and made this visible creation, including us.  Because of Satan’s rebellion and man’s disobedience, sin and death now dominate the visible creation.   God, in His love, seeks to redeem us from the world of sin and death. The Bible is the story of God’s gracious plan of redemption being implemented throughout history in the lives of people who by faith knew God.  As we come to the book of Job we have a revelation of God at work behind the scenes in the invisible world revealing Himself to Job. We also find Satan, cast down to earth, accusing Job before God.

Job is one of the oldest books in Scripture. It begins with Satan having access to God.   We find Satan accusing Job of serving God because of selfish motives. (Job 1:9-11)  Satan also accused God of showing favoritism to Job, protecting and blessing him.  He made the accusation that if God removed His protection and the blessings, Job would curse God to His face!  God knew Job and agreed to allow Satan to test Job to show his faith was genuine. God placed boundaries on what Satan could do to Job personally and released Satan to his temptations.  As a result, Job suddenly and catastrophically lost everything he owned as well as his ten children in a violent storm.  (Job 1:19) Job’s response was to humble himself and to worship God. (Job 1:20-21)

As Job’s story continues, Satan and God continue their discussion.  God commends Job for keeping his integrity during the temptation.  Satan responds with another accusation and lie.  He contends that if God will allow him to take Job’s health, Job will then curse God.  (Job 2:4-6)  God again sets a limit and releases Satan to inflict Job physically and emotionally.  During this trial, Job’s own wife suggests that he curse God and die.  Job rebukes his wife and sits in silent suffering.  He finally curses the day of his birth but does not curse God.  (Job 3:1-4)

What insight do you receive from this story of Job, Satan, and God? What response would you have towards God if you suddenly lost your possessions and children? What about your health being taken? 

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