Taking inventory

Scripture reading for May 28th: Job 29-31

After all the friends were silent and their accusations ceased, Job was still suffering!    He remembered his past time of blessing with a sense of joy.  (Job 29) He was taunted by the young men of the city and then felt driven to do a self-examination and moral inventory.  (Job 30:1)  He had some core convictions about what was right and wrong, good and evil.  Job went over these things in a systematic way to try to be sure that he had not forgotten anything.  He was judging himself, so that God would not judge him.

Job first dealt with his personal life. (Job 31:1-12)  He was careful with his eyes, not to look lustfully on a woman and he had stayed away from his neighbor’s wife.  He knew that sexual sin was something that God would judge! (Job 31:11)  He also checked his honesty and truthfulness.  God would weigh him with honest scales in this regard!  (Job 31:5-6)

Job next dealt with his public life. (Job 31:13-23)  He tested his heart for his treatment of his servants.  Was he fair and respectful of them?  He then looked to his treatment of the poor and orphan.  Was he giving to help them with food and clothing?  He knew God was watching and would judge!  (Job 31:23)

Job also checked his spiritual life. (Job 31:24-40)  How did he treat money?  Was it a ‘god’ in his life?  Did he secretly worship anything other than the God Who created everything?  He also checked his attitude about revenge.  Vengeance belongs to the Lord–he must not get even or even rejoice over someone’s misfortune.  How had he treated strangers?  Were his motives pure in all that he did?  Job longed to be able to stand before God because he felt that he was doing what he knew to be right and avoiding evil!

What an inventory!  Take time today and allow this 4000 year-old inventory to give you insight into your own walk with God.  Remember, Jesus Christ has already paid the penalty for our sins and if we confess them to Him, He will forgive us and cleanse us from all sin!  (1st John 1:7-9)

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