The Hope of the ends of the earth!

Scripture reading for June 14: Psalms 60-66

King David was honest with his feelings as he prayed to the Lord.  This series of psalms has a great emphasis on prayer and praise.  David had many fears and many enemies who sought his life, and he shared his thoughts with the Lord.  As ruler of God’s people he had the burden of many responsibilities.   He asked God to hear his pleas.  Sometimes he was confident that God did hear, and at other times seemed to wonder if God would hear him. (Psalm 60:1; Psalm 61:1; Psalm 63:1; Psalm 64:1)  He was a lot like me in this respect!  I am sure you never had these feelings!

The last two psalms in this set are praise songs to the God Who is the “Hope of the ends of the earth”!  (Psalm 65:5)  God’s heart has always been for all men to know and love Him.  He desires close fellowship for every individual and will eventually have all nations worshiping Him!  (Psalm 66:4)  God is the Creator of the mountains and roaring seas.  He has shown His wonders to all mankind through the daily provisions of  man’s needs.  He waters the land and brings forth grain in abundance for all peoples, just or unjust!  God decorates the hills and valleys and brings joy to His people!  (Psalm 65:13-14)

Psalm 66 ends with a declaration of praise to the Lord for answered prayer!  David’s doubts and petitions have ended with God bringing an answer!  God’s faithfulness and love have produced new praise and thanksgiving from David and from God’s people!  He truly answers prayer and is worthy of praise! 

Do you wrestle with God hearing and answering your prayers? Use thoughts from these psalms to declare your trust in God as ‘the Hope of all the ends of the earth!’

“”You answer us with awesome deeds of righteousness, O God our Savior, the Hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas, . .” Psalm 65:5

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