Sunday rest and reflection–prayer

Greetings on this day to rest and worship!  The Sabbath or seventh day was made for man to help him recover and center his life again on the source of life.  We have a tendency to center on ourselves, our work, our happiness, and to pamper our flesh.  This book of Psalms helps us to re-center our lives in the source of life, God Himself.

We are designed with the unique ability to communicate.  We can talk to God and hear Him speak to us.  Many of the psalms are prayers that are written out as poetry or in the form of a song.  Music and rhythm help us express the depths of our soul.  In prayer we can share honestly with God our deepest feelings, hurts, fears, and longings.  We can express our frustrations and ask for help, guidance, or divine intervention.  Some of the psalms flow with troubles and needs.  Often, they conclude with a re-centering on God and His ability to save, heal or deliver.

There have been some who advocate only speaking positive confessions about everything in our life experience.  They say that if we speak about our troubles or fears, we open ourselves up for Satan to bring us further trouble.  These psalms show us that we can be honest with God about our feelings, hurts and pains.  We must come back to a good confession of trust in God’s ability to guide and help us, however.  We should not live in negativity!  Casting cares on the Lord is the right thing to do for it helps us remember God’s great ability to help us and brings us peace and comfort.

Psalm 42 is a great example of a prayer of centering in a time of trouble.  Join the psalmist in this prayer of honest sharing of his heart’s needs.   (Psalm 42:1-2)  Cast every care on Him, He cares for you!  (Psalm 42:5-6)  Pray about everything, worry about nothing!  (Psalm 42:7-8) May the peace that passes human understanding stand guard over your heart and life today and throughout the coming week!  (Psalm 42:11)  God bless you!  In His Love, Pastor John

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