Sunday rest and reflection-Moses’ psalm

Dear friends of Jesus,

Greetings on this another day to rest and worship!  God’s praises have been sung throughout eternity by those whom He has created.  Our God is worthy of praise for many reasons!  He is creator, redeemer, sustainer, lover of mankind, life-giver, all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere present, full of compassion for the hurting and weak, protector of widows and orphans, and ultimately the judge of all men and angels!

The oldest psalm in the psalter comes from the pen of Moses, the man of God, who lived about 1500 years before Christ.  Indications are that Moses wrote this psalm during the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.  Moses proclaimed God as man’s dwelling place from generations past, back to the very first man! (Psalm 90:1)  Moses knew and worshiped God as creator and the everlasting God Who sits above time and history. (Psalm 90:2-4)  God is in control of all life and ultimately judges all sin because He knows about all sin.  Man’s time on earth is short and full of trouble because of sin and death ends our stay here as a result of sin. (Psalm 90:4-10)

Moses petitioned God for an understanding of our short time here on earth that we might have a heart of wisdom.  We need God’s mercy and compassion in our lives in order to understand life.  We need God’s love to know how to love and live effectively.  Moses asked for God’s blessing and favor on His people, particularly the children.  Passing the torch of faith was important to Moses.  We all long for lasting significance and fulfilled purpose, and  Moses was no different.

As you rest this Lord’s day, thank Him for eternal life and the promises of God we have in Jesus Christ.  Moses was wandering in the wilderness experiencing God’s wrath and yet walking by faith.  We now have the Holy Spirit and the Word of  God and are blessed and favored people.  Moses’ psalm gives us food for thought and reason for thanks!  Have a great week in the Lord!  In His Love, Pastor John

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