Children who are mighty in the land!

Scripture reading for June 25: Psalms 111-118

We all want the best for our children!  As a parent, I will sacrifice for my children that they might fulfill their destiny and become great in the Lord and honor Him.  I will do whatever it takes to provide for them, protect them, and instruct them to fulfill their God-given purpose!  The readings for today give us the secret of how to secure the blessing of God on our children and see them become ‘mighty in the land’! (Psalm 112:2)

Psalm 111 praises the Lord for His faithfulness and mighty deeds and works on behalf of those who fear and honor Him.  God has been gracious and compassionate on those who fear Him.  He has provided food for them and kept His covenant! (Psalm 111:4-5)  He has given them the land of other nations and shown His great power to His people!  (Psalm 111:6)  God has provided redemption for His people and given them His holy and awesome Name! (Psalm 111:9) These wonderful blessings from God brings a holy fear and respect which is the beginning of all wisdom and a successful life.

Psalm 112 continues in this same vein of thought.  The fear of the Lord is the key to blessing of our offspring!  When a man fears the Lord, he finds great delight in God’s Word and commands!  He reads and meditates on the Word of God and applies it to his life.  The application of truth because of respect and honor for God brings prosperity and success! (Joshua 1:8-9)  (Psalm 112:1-3)  God’s blessing is on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayers.  His face is set against the wicked who do not fear Him.  God longs to bless His children and make them mighty in the land.  They are made mighty to be a testimony of the goodness and favor on those who fear and respect the One in supreme authority!

Those who fear the Lord will have light even in darkness!  Remember the children of Israel had light during the plague of darkness! (Exodus 10:21-23)  Those who fear the Lord are generous and give.  They conduct their affairs with justice, doing what is fair and right in the sight of God because they fear and respect Him.  Because of this, they will never be shaken! (Psalm 112:5-6)  They will have no fear of bad news of enemy attack, war, or economic downturn! (Psalm 112:8-10)  In the end, the wicked will waste away and come to nothing!  Those who trust in the Lord and fear Him will lack nothing!

Does your life reflect the fear of the Lord and confidence in Him? What steps might you take today to help your children become mighty in the land?

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