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Not One Word Failed!

Scripture reading for April 5th: 1st Kings 5-8

“Praise be to the Lord, who has given rest to His people Israel just as He promised.  Not one word has failed of all the good promises He gave through his servant Moses.” (1st Kings 8:56)

Solomon had spent 13 years building a temple for the Lord and used much manpower and many craftsmen to carefully construct the building.  It was a massive undertaking that required much silver and gold, cedar and stone, and skilled effort.  According to Scripture, Solomon had thirty thousand laborers who worked in Lebanon cutting cedar in shifts and another one hundred fifty thousand men who worked cutting and carrying stone.  Thirty three hundred more were foremen who were in charge of these men.  (1st Kings 5:13-15)

Solomon spent this early part of his reign building this special house for  the Lord.  He trusted God for His promises and God was always faithful to him!  When the work was finally completed, King Solomon called the elders and leaders of Israel together to move the Ark of the Covenant into the Holy of Holies of the new temple.  Solomon sacrificed so many animals, that they could not be counted or recorded!  (1st Kings 8:5)

After the priests placed the Ark in the new Holy of Holies and withdrew, the cloud of the glory of the Lord filled the temple so much that the priests could not minister!  (1st Kings 8:10-11)  Solomon stood before the people and blessed them by telling of God’s faithfulness to his father David and now to him following his father on the throne and now in the building of the temple.  Solomon then faced the altar, knelt, lifted his hands and prayed to the Lord, asking for His grace and mercy  to answer prayers offered in that temple.  (1st Kings 8:52-53)

King Solomon’s humility and prayer is a testimony to his faith and trust in the promises of God and His word.  Solomon believed God’s word and knew that God had been faithful and would be faithful.  Israel celebrated God’s faithfulness and goodness for seven days and then celebrated seven more because they enjoyed it so much!  (1st Kings 8:65-66)  They went home joyful and glad at all the good things God had done!  His word never fails and can be counted on!  Remember, not one word of God has ever failed!

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