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Go After Their Sins!(Not Mine!)

Scripture reading for September 13th: Amos 1-2

Amos was a shepherd from Tekoa who God called to be a prophet to His people.  Amos was given a vision of God’s judgment on all of Israel’s neighbors for their specific sins.  He listed sins by name and then specific judgments.  He also listed specific sins for Judah and Israel.   Can you imagine Amos speaking to God’s people and leaders and exposing sins by name?

Our tendency would be to get excited about God seeing the sins of our enemies!  We seem to be prone to seeing sin in others but not in ourselves.   We get this from our first parents, Adam and Eve!  This blame game is a way to deflect viewing our own sins.  However, God is loving toward His people and talks directly to them.  He warns them to give them time to repent so they do not perish!

Judah had four specific sins that God noted.  They had rejected the law of the Lord and broken His decrees.  They were led astray by false gods and followed the gods of their ancestors.  For these sins, God would send fire upon the fortresses of Jerusalem.  (Amos 2:4-5)

Israel  also had four sins that God noted.  They sold righteous people for silver and needy people for a pair of sandals.  They trampled on the heads of the poor and denied justice to the oppressed.  They committed adultery and profaned God’s name.  They misused offerings and wine!  God had been merciful to them and delivered them.  He had sent prophets to them and raised up Nazirites to minister to them under vow to God.  They defiled the Nazirites and commanded the prophets not to speak!  (Amos 2:6-12)

When we look at the time of Amos, we note the similarity with our own time.  There is rampant disregard for God’s law and decrees.  Idolatry is rampant, even in God’s church.  Social injustices are still prevalent in our culture and church people are involved in racism and neglect of the poor and needy.  Sexual sins are also prevalent in the church, even among the clergy!  When the word of God is spoken in power and purity, the man or woman of God is often maligned!  But God is still the judge and will bring judgment!  What will we do in the end?

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