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Prophet to the Nations

Scripture reading for July 22nd: Isaiah 17-20

Isaiah was not only a prophet to his own people, but was used by  God to speak words of warning concerning coming judgment to other nations.  One of the powerful nations of that day was Egypt.  It was the nation that had held the Israelites as slaves about 750 years earlier and had experienced God’s judgment in the miracles wrought through Moses.  Egypt was the nation that Israel turned back to for help and actually desired to return to as they wandered in the wilderness.  It is a type of the world in its humanist power and idolatry.  God will judge the nations of the world and the world system as well.

The reason for this judgment was sin against God.  They were responsible for the light that they had; God had demonstrated His power over their idols earlier and given them time to repent.  They persisted in idolatry and witchcraft.  (Isaiah 19:3-4)  They made plans in their human thinking and consulted mediums instead of the Lord.  God’s judgment would expose their folly and devastate their plans as well as their land.

Isaiah was instructed by God to dress as an exile, stripped and barefoot and was to walk around like that for three years. (Isaiah 20:2-4)  The message of God’s judgment was visual as well as spoken to these sensual people. God would send the Assyrians against Egypt and Cush and the Egyptians would be led stripped and barefoot into exile! Their shame would be exposed and they would become an example to all who trust in the power and idols of Egypt.  Even God’s people would learn a lesson in this regard!

What lessons can we learn today as we read of God’s judgment on these nations that trusted in idols and human wisdom?  Our nation must take heed!  We, like Egypt, have had much light from the Lord.  To choose to depart from that light and trust in human wisdom will not escape God’s notice.  He watches every nation and all of it’s people and will judge them.  He warns them first through His messengers.  Today the church bears this responsibility.  Sadly, many in the church are caught up in “Egypt” themselves!  God is watching and warning us.  Today is a good day to evaluate your own life and realign it with God’s purposes!

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