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Come and Follow Me!

Scripture reading for October 15th: Mark 1-3

“As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen.  “Come, follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”  At once they left their nets and followed Him.” (Mark 1:16-18)    Jesus had a plan in His heart from the Father to reach all nations with the message of repentance and life.  He knew that His time on earth was short and that He must choose some faithful men who would carry His heart for the lost and obey His instructions.  The men He chose were ordinary men who were working at a trade.  He promised to use their training to reach men.  The authority by which He spoke caused these men to immediately leave their work and follow Him!

In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus was pictured as a man of authority and action.  He seems to stir up demonic forces and then confronted demonic powers with authority, casting them out.  He dealt with sickness with that same authority, healing many and drawing large crowds of hurting and needy people.  He was angry at the ruling religious authorities for their stubbornness and refusal to believe in Him.

“Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to Him those He wanted, and they came to Him.  He appointed twelve–designating them apostles–that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach and have authority to drive out demons.” (Mark 3:13-15)  Jesus called those He wanted by name.  He appointed them as apostles, ones sent out with a message.   He wanted them to be with Him and learn from Him, sharing His heart.  This was common for a “Rabbi” to choose his disciples.  When a disciple was fully trained, they were to be like their Master!

I heard Jesus call and chose to leave my farm, my cattle and hogs, and my family’s home area to follow.  I told Him I would follow Him wherever He would lead me.  The journey has been wonderful, although not necessarily easy at times.  I am still being taught and need to follow daily.  I want to be with Jesus and preach His Gospel with authority!  Where are you in your spiritual journey?  Are you following Jesus?  The Master is still calling out, “Come, follow Me!”

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